About Us

The Story Behind Freeze Dried Candy: From Inspiration to Expansion

One question we often receive is, "What made you think of doing freeze dried candy?" Well, it all started when a close friend introduced me to the concept. He began making candy using a freeze dry unit and suggested that I give it a try. Initially, I was hesitant, but as I saw the potential for running a business with my dad, I became intrigued.

Months later, I approached my dad with the idea of starting a freeze dried candy business together. We began formulating a plan, focusing on building a strong brand name and delivering a high-quality product to our potential customers. Since our small house couldn't accommodate our growing family of six and the business, we decided to set up our base of operations at my dad's house in Speedway.

With just one Harvest Right XL unit, we embarked on our freeze dried candy journey. Along the way, we faced challenges, particularly in determining the optimal cooking times for each product. However, we have continuously worked on refining our processes as we introduce new items to our range.

From the start, we made a conscious effort to source only high-quality ingredients. Our goal was to provide customers with the best freeze dried experience possible. Therefore, every product that goes out for sale undergoes rigorous quality checks. If it doesn't meet our standards, it simply doesn't make it to the shelves.